January 15th, 2010

an announcement

I am the newest artist on Artsprojekt. What does this mean? It means more Kelly Howlett products: bigger prints, framed prints, fridge magnets, and more to come. I just started adding products, and I'll keep adding. Please check out the site and leave comments! There are a lot of other fantastic artists on Artsprojekt, too.

The downside is that these prints won't be signed (and I can't draw sketches on the envelopes), but the upside is that you can order REALLY large prints. My printer could only print up to 13" x 19", but now I'm offering a few at 24" x 30" and I'll have even larger ones available in the future. You can even pick out matting and framing.

Also, you can purchase prints in your own currency if you live in one of these countries: http://www.zazzle.com/international

Here's my store's URL:

Also, a new print available: