Kelly Howlett (kellyhowlett) wrote,
Kelly Howlett

not exhibiting this summer...

Thought I'd make the announcement that I won't be at Wizard World Philly this year. I am also NOT exhibiting at Wizard World Chicago this year. I know, crazy isn't it? I've been exhibiting for almost ten years there, but not this year. I probably won't be at Reed's convention in Chicago next spring either.

I may have some announcements later this summer... I've been getting invited to a lot of art festivals, but I just don't have the work right now.

I'm back in Green Bay, and I think it's safe to say I'll be here for at least a year. I've got quite a bit more space to work now, but it'll be a while before I'm set up again. Once I settle in, I'll be making some more resin pendants, getting the Etsy store restocked, and I'm working on a print-on-demand color sketchbook.

*sigh* ... I had been hoping this would be a convention heavy year. I had plans for MoCCA, Philly, Chicago, Baltimore, and SPX. *doh* It's a little more difficult now that I'm not on the East Coast. However, this trek back to the Midwest is a very good thing for me.
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