Kelly Howlett (kellyhowlett) wrote,
Kelly Howlett

Wow... what's been going on with me?

There are a lot of changes at Wizard. The Congers office is closing, and Dylan will start taking the train to the Manhattan offices for work. It's too bad, because I really enjoyed carpooling and having lunch with Dylan everyday.

I'm actually not even sure about what is happening to the store, but I've just assumed that once we shut down the Congers warehouse, I'll be looking for other work. I'm really bummed about it all, mostly because I just enjoy everyone I work with so much. In any case, I know that I'll at least have a job for a few more months. For that reason, I'm not turning down any hours I'm offered.

Things are going pretty well considering, even if I am showing a bit of worry.

Here is more envelope art from a recent order:
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