Kelly Howlett (kellyhowlett) wrote,
Kelly Howlett

my head is fuzzy.

I hit my head at work yesterday and got a case of the "wah-wah's", as my friend Matt and I call them. There are many ways to get a case of the "wah-wah's", but the results are the same: confusion, disorientation, and remembering your thoughts as if a second was actually a few minutes.

"I need to sit down. Right now. Here? Yes, right where you are. You need to sit down now. Should I cry? I should cry. NO! You're at work. Don't cry. Don't cry? I'm at work. Good. I know where I am. No obvious signs of concussion. I'm okay. MAN that smarts. Heh. Smarts is a funny word."

Sometimes the "wah-wah's" also come with that effect where reality around you doesn't seem right... exactly like the effect Neo had on the Matrix at the end of the first movie.

So, today, I found a lump on my head like I'm some sort of cartoon character that got hit with a mallet or anvil... and my head hurts a lot.
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