Kelly Howlett (kellyhowlett) wrote,
Kelly Howlett

nyc art show in feb during nycc... and 2009 calendar

Wow. I am a busy geek. :-)

On top of my art business, I picked up two seasonal jobs. I work at a Gamestop, and tomorrow I start at Wizard Entertainment. Both of these are just temp jobs, because I couldn't possibly keep this up. Today, I began my day at Gamestop and now I'm working on art stuff, trying to prepare orders before the post office closes tonight.

I want to get another batch of resin pendants done in time to ship for Christmas, plus I REALLY need to start on some new originals for the gallery show in Brooklyn this February. The gallery finally decided on a name, FLUSHNIK, and it's sort of a collective of studios with a community space for live music and art shows. You've heard me talk about my composer friend, Kevin... he made the octopus t-shirts. He lives downstairs. I was asked to do a solo show, but since I won't have time to make enough to fill the space, I've asked some other artists to show with me. We're scheduling it to coincide with the New York Comic Convention, but we haven't decided on a date yet. What's the best day to have it?

One other thing to report: Veronika Kotlajic has been the subject of three of my paintings. One of them has been selected to appear in her annual calendar. It's not for sale yet, but I will post when it's available. In the meantime, this is her website:
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